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Our Pet List
A listing of adoptable animals from Winnebago County Animal Services.

Watch for our Pet of the Week
on the following sites:

Q98.5 - Wednesdays about 8:40am
WREX-13 - Wednesdays about 12:15pm

WIRF-23 - Mondays about 9:15am

Other resource links:

Lost and Found Pets
A free resource for listing lost and found pets on Facebook. Visit Lost Cats of Illinois, Lost Dogs Illinois, and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin. Be sure to include a photo of the pet, last location lost or found, and contact information.

Dog Star Daily
Answers to your various behavior quesitons. Includes tips on training that new puppy, housebreaking issues, chewing, barking, etc.

ASPCA Behavior Information
Answers to your various behavior questions.

Pet Harbor
Information on pets for adoption.

Information on pets for adoption and links to other pet related resources.

Information on pets for adoption and links to other pet related resources.

Volunteer Auxiliary to Winnebago County Animal Services

The all volunteer auxiliary that supports the animals and caregivers housed at Animal Services. The support includes activities such as fundraising, education, satellite adoptions, shelter greeters, adoption counselors, and foster care. Donations to the auxiliary may be made to the Animal Services Auxiliary Fund in care of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.

County of Winnebago
A governmental entity that governs the county of Winnebago located in northern Illinois. Animal Services is a division of the county.

PAWS Humane Society (formerly Humane Society of Winnebago County)
The PAWS Humane Society (formerly the Humane Society of Winnebago County) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping animals in need in the Winnebago and Boone County areas. PAWS is often times confused with the local county animal shelter, Winnebago County Animal Services. However, PAWS does not have a shelter and operates as a group that does fundraising to help animals in need and provides funds to spay or neuter stray and farm cats.

Humane Society of the United States
A national organization promoting the welfare of animals. This site has a number of educational resources for pet problems and solutions.

A national organization that promoting the welfare of animals. This site has resources to help you with your pet-related issues.



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